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Traffic features:

  • Available  support 24/7
  • Sub page visit
  • Long Visit Duration With 1 Min
  • Unrestricted Continuous daily visitor flow
  • Low Bounce Rate And With 20%-30%
  • I will provide a custom tracking link to track the visitors


Why should you Buy Web Traffic ?

Online businesses can ideally be marketed through traffic generation because the cloud, known as the Internet, is the main source of networks worldwide. With just a few clicks at home, you can interact and interact with millions of customers across the country. Regardless of whether you want to pay with one click, complete affiliate programs or buy expired domains, the idea is to advertise your product online and generate revenue. Remember that companies make money by selling products to consumers. The Internet is one of the most important sources of information and thats why buy website traffic.



If you don’t know what I mean, you probably don’t know what AdSense is yet.


  • AdSense is one of Google’s few ways to offer marketers the ability to make the sales they want. AdSense is your regular ad that appears on websites. Just click on it and you will be redirected to another website where your ad is targeted. It’s like a normal advertising strategy. The only difference is that this type of ad is controlled by Google itself.
  • There were now many arguments on the Internet that traffic is not as “AdSense friendly”. In general, some claim that economic traffic is not fully compatible with AdSense. This has been the case for centuries until some people have already shown that our traffic was safe for AdSense (even if it was somehow cheap).



Is delivery of website visits quick? Is it safe to deliver them faster ?


  • Depending on the size of your order and the type of website, the delivery time is approximately 1 to 30 days.



What is mobile traffic?


We offer fully traceable and targeted mobile traffic from iOS and Android mobile devices to your website. As more people around the world use mobile devices to search for products and services on their desktops, mobile traffic doesn’t have to mention additional bonuses (compared to standard websites) that have a positive impact on Alexa’s ranking. , Transportation). You can get results by choosing the region (United States, United Kingdom or World), delivery times, categories and quantity. On websites designed to act for each visitor, it is easy to achieve positive ROI potential through strong and relevant suggestions / messages.



What is organic traffic? Why is organic transport important ?


  • To grow your business, you may want to market your products and / or services to those who don’t know the brand. Iterative companies based on existing customers are very valuable, but they use the markets mentioned above to help them grow significantly.
  • Natural website traffic is the opposite of “paid” website traffic from “recommended” visitors to paid ads. Natural visitors use search engines and certain keywords to find websites. Unlike regular traffic, organic website traffic is a fantastic by-product as it increases Alexa rankings and ensures SEO. You can increase your organic traffic quickly and securely with first-rate organic web traffic.
  • For optimal alignment, customers can select up to three keywords that best represent their product / service / company and the desired search engine. In addition, Google Analytics can always track 100% of your traffic.



How can website traffic be increased through social media ?


  • As we all know, buy facebook traffic can be an important source of traffic on your website. The more presence you rely on social media, the more you can count on the constant social media traffic on your website.
  • Targeted social media traffic refers to traffic that comes from a social network and a social media platform to a website, mobile website or mobile app. Especially if you’re on a tight budget and looking to get paid advertising, it can be difficult to attract people to your website through social media engagement. Paid social networks can help increase website traffic. But how can users be induced to access social channels?
  • Each social network is different, but to immediately improve social traffic, it is necessary to follow some rules for each social channel. We offer social traffic to improve your website or promote your blog! Social traffic comes directly from the following popular social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more!



Why choose us ?


  • We know that customers can choose who to choose as suppliers. We always strive to offer our customers the best service. The optimized process of targeted contact with organic traffic buy allows you to provide secure, effective and fully understandable website traffic at a very competitive price.
  • Our goal is rapid delivery of all orders by customer service, usually within 12 hours during normal business hours. We are committed not only to excellent products, but also to excellent customer service.
  • We are happy to answer your questions with fast response times. It is not perfect as we try. In rare cases, if you have a problem, handle it properly.



Find out more about our traffic:


  • Some of you may still be wondering why you should buy usa high quality traffic for your AdSense ads. What happens if you don’t use AdSense? Should they worry about getting threats-free AdSense traffic?
  • We are one of the few website traffic providers that only offer HUMAN DIRECT WEBSITE VISITORS. Please be assured that our visitors are highly convertible and SEO friendly, so you can have the best traffic campaign in town. These are targeted and 100% natural website visitors who are always on hand!
  • Some website owners don’t understand the importance of AdSense for advertising. Some don’t even know that the traffic they receive already has an impact on their AdSense ads. Therefore sometimes; Some website owners’ AdSense accounts are suddenly blocked without their knowledge.


It is very important to ensure the safety of AdSense-related traffic. This is somewhat important because:


  1. AdSense in Google: it hurts AdSense’s eyes and can also affect your ranking. This is a double strike for something you are not so aware of.
  2. AdSense is very severe when it comes to traffic: a simple mistake with your traffic errors and AdSense can block your website forever. Note that you cannot simply recover from this ban.
  3. AdSense is a good sales source that is too good to spoil: AdSense is very effective in producing sales and conversions and should not be affected when buy google traffic to your website (of which AdSense is not sure).

Therefore, you can also review these “AdSense Safe” signs before purchasing this traffic again.



Are visits to the BulkPVAaccount website cheap ?


  • Bulkpvaaccount is not meant to be the cheapest service provider. On the contrary, we are committed to the best and safest quality Don’t wait to buy web traffic.
  • However, most of our customers believe that the prices of visits to our website are cheap compared to most of the competition, especially after considering the quality of our service. The reason for this is that we can get better prices from our service providers due to large orders and high order volumes.
  • Be wary of services that claim to offer low-cost website visits, as this can be fraudulent or use bot traffic. In our experience, 95% of the cheapest service providers are scammers.



How do I buy website visits ?


  • After making the payment, you will have access to a control panel through which you can provide us with the link to the website.
  • We will process your order immediately or within 24 hours after providing us with the requested information on the control panel as indicated above. It may be necessary to confirm your email address if your PayPal email address is different from your customer’s email address.



Learn more about the transportation network:


  • Advertisers have made the ordering process as easy as possible. pay for website traffic campaign on the Google Network is easy, fast and efficient. By placing an order and accessing the dashboard, you have access to high quality traffic.
  • Thanks to the self-service platform, we are entirely responsible for everything from creating campaigns to making the necessary changes. Intelligent artificial intelligence offers more opportunities for better conversion rates and lower bounce rates.
  • We use a rotation speed of 1/24. This means no one can see your content within 24 hours. The higher the number of unique visitors, the higher the conversion rate.
  • Google has worked hard to become the best buy website visitors provider and has provided advertisers’ favorite traffic. High quality web traffic, real users, stress-free growth for online business.

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